Five Fabulous Moments When Emma Thompson Was My Fave Woman

At the moment women seem to be slamming each other left, right and centre from various, often wildly different feminist viewpoints. For showing too much skin, for not being liberated enough; for being too feminine, for not being feminine enough; for hating on men too much, for not hating on the patriarchy enough. In the end, many women end up simply hating on each another, which somewhat defeats the point of a strive for equality don’t you think? It seems to me that it is more important than ever to celebrate one another in all of our female brilliance, in whatever shape or form that may be.

First up on my celebratory list of fabulous females is Emma Thompson, a woman widely recognised for her professionalism and moral compass. Here are just five of the reasons she is one of my faves:

  1. A few weeks ago she hosted the brilliant and controversial Frack-Free Bake-Off, along with her sister Sophie and Greenpeace. The energy-themed baking extravaganza was held in Lancashire as a peaceful protest against toxic drilling on the site by Cuadrilla, an oil and gas energy company. A wonderfully worthy cause (probably worth getting manure thrown over her but possibly not quite) and who doesn’t enjoy a good bake?!
  2. Last month, she called upon The British Museum to drop BP as its sponsor. Emma (yes we are on first name terms) and almost 100 other public figures wrote an open letter which read: “As the impacts of climate change are being felt more forcefully around the world, it is vital that prominent public institutions like the British Museum play their part in minimising the climate impacts of their activities…Retaining such an unethical sponsor would seriously damage the British Museum’s reputation.” Hear hear!
  3. Last September she stuck a giant paw print to Shell’s London HQ during a protest to stop the oil giant from drilling in the Arctic. The paw print contained the names of seven million people who supported Emma, 60 other activists and a giant ‘bus-sized’ polar bear in a Greenpeace-led protest against Arctic drilling.
  4. In 2014 she called for urgent action to be taken against climate change during the London People’s Climate March alongside Vivienne Westwood, Peter Gabriel and around 40,000 other fantastic individuals. And if that isn’t a noble cause to march about then I don’t know what is.
  5. And last, but quite certainly not least: when she (okay this one was not actually her, but the character she was oh-so-brilliantly playing) got royally screwed over by her husband in Love Actually, and thousands of hearts broke all across the country to the soundtrack of Joni Mitchell. But true to style, Emma stayed classy and soldiered on. What a trooper.

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