The 5 Most Beautiful Spots in Noosa

1) Laguna Lookout 

On my first day in Noosa I was on my way to the beach when I noticed a sign pointing towards Laguna Lookout and, having heard the view was pretty good from up there, I decided to take a detour. The route took me up into the edge of the National Park, with the sounds of the forest and it’s inhabitants leading my way deeper into the leaves. After a steady climb along winding paths within the shade of the trees, the branches gave way and opened out into a clearing and I was met with a view that was well worth the (somewhat sweaty) climb. My only regret is wearing sandals but that’s what you get for deviating from beach plans.

Hellooo Noosa

2) The Everglades

One of only two Everglades in the world, this is clearly a must-do. And after spending the day lazing along between thousands of floating lillipadds, the water calmly lapping at the edge of our kayak and the birds singing over head, I can definitely attest to that. I am also very grateful that, unlike their American counterparts, these waters are not home to alligators. And yes I did check and double check this before setting off from the relative safety of the land. There are lots of ways to enjoy the Everglades, whether that be in a kayak, a rowing boat or a tour motor boat, it is not something to be missed and a day you will always remember. Even if that reminder comes in the form of severely aching arms because you kayaked all day with minimal upper body strength.

A perfect lunch spot

3) Noosa National Park

Covering over 4000 hectares, home to a multitude of creatures including endangered and rare species, in both rainforest and coastal bushland; it is not hard to understand why this is one of Australia’s favourite national parks. With many different tracks to follow, of varying degrees of difficulty and including several that are wheelchair and pushchair accessible, this really is a park that everyone can enjoy. Spend a day getting lost amongst the trees and revel in the unrivalled sensation of crossing paths with no one except maybe a koala or two. 

Into the woods we go

4) Casuarina Gardens/Laguna cove 

A place so lovely that on my first visit I witnessed a wedding taking place between the white-lantern adorned branches of the trees overlooking the beach. This less well-known, and subsequently far less busy, beach is a perfect place to relax whilst reading a book or step into the shade of the trees and have a picnic on the grass. 

Noosa, I do, I really do

5) And last but certainly not least, the Coastal Walk

Okay so not one specific spot, but this magnificent walk has climbed it’s way into my all time favourite walks. So, other than featuring on two of my world-renowned lists, what else does this walk have to offer? Personal highlights include Little Cove, the adorable bench overlooking Picnic Cove, the breathtaking view from Hell’s Gates and the point at which this stunning meander comes to an end: the lovely Sunshine Beach. 

It’s a tough life
A good spot to practice your dolphin-spotting skills
I can’t see anything ‘hellish’ about this
Aaaaand, relax

PS. If you are looking for a good yoga spot whilst in Noosa click here


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